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Activities for Seniors with Memory Impairment, Dementia and Alzheimers
Product Description Page

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Shake Loose a Memory

The Game That Brings Back Memories

Friendly, fun and easy game especially for elderly people who are memory impaired. It unlocks meaningful memories by reconstructing "real-life" experiences. The game includes a single die and 192 memory-stimulating cards such as, "Keep this card if you have grown a garden. Remember planting vegetables?", which create hours of discussion, social interaction and utilization of familiar skills


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Shake Out the "Truth"

Decisions About "Truth" and Fiction Are Revealed

"I married my high-school sweetheart. True or False?" Surprise and laughter are the result of playing Shake Out the "Truth" as participants decide if their observations about other players are correct. This is a fun game connecting people with life events and personal characteristics, providing a gentle means of stimulating memories. Includes memory cards, dice and Yes-No cards, which help provide hours of stimulating conversations.


Shake Up the Relatives

Brings Back Memories Close to the Heart

Stirs up memories of close family members and helps people to remember their unique qualities. Questions are asked to help people focus on their relatives, for example, "Did your grandmother like to bake homemade bread or did she like to buy it from the store" or "Did your father wear glasses or did he have good eyesight?" Pictures of relatives are visualized as stories are shared.


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Shake Awake Your Taste

A Game of Mouth-watering Fun!

A mouthful of fun as players munch on a banquet of ideas relating to their food favorites. "Do you prefer dill pickles or sweet pickles?, Which would you put in a tuna fish sandwich?" Images that awaken the taste buds come to mind as participants make choices about different food preferences. A steady diet of fun and laughter result from the sharing of those special food preferences creating a picture of the likes and dislikes of each of the players.


Category Flip

A Game of Familiar Words and Friendly Categories

Entertains players as they place familiar word cards into categories by simply "flipping" over their cards. This game changes each time the cards are mixed, providing suspense and new opportunities for all the players. Familiar word cards help spark memories enhancing fun discussions. This game can be easily adapted to fit the ability level of the group by monitoring the number of cards given each player.


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Shake and Share

Illlustrated Language and Communication Game for Children That Can Be  Used As an Inter-generational Resource

An illustrated game for language development. A great way to practice those "wh" questions and get children talking. Important skills such as matching, reading, responding to questions, speaking, adding, and listening skills are utilized. Clever illustrations assist the child and help ensure their success and enjoyment. Shake and Share provides each player with a focused time for them to speak and be listened to by their peers and game facilitator.
150 illustrated game cards on heavy card stock ensure durability for repeated use. Because each question is written to evoke a language building response and to be of high interest to children, the game Shake and Share becomes an important resource for educators and a game that children will ask to play.